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The Commander Gallery is a photo album of Commander aircraft and their owners. Here is where you can put your aircraft photographs with its registration number and if you want, a picture of yourself.

If you want your Commander to be shown in the gallery, please e-mail :

N114SL - Slingerland

OO-RES - Everaert

OO-TST - Dams

OO-MOM - Unkown

PH-VVB - Lenkair B.V.

G-BOLT - Ian Harnett

G-OLFT - David Tubby

G-OIBM - Ian Roswell

G-EHXP - A. Stewart


D-EDGT - Wandel

D-EIXR - Sabiniewicz

D-EWTC - Messner

D-EHXG - Werner

SE-FLR - Göpert- Jönköping




This site was last updated 8th december 2003