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DeHavilland Tiger Moth

DH 82

    ca. 1942    

Tiger Moth N90277- HU726- U2753-1



Probably 1942- exported during war to India for EFTS, never on the British register.

Logbooks complete from 1951. Delhi flying club registration VT-DKN. 1980- Sold via Vintair, who exported several Tigers to the USA, partial rebuilt by A&P. Cylinders overhauled by the famous Ed Clark, and 14 mm spark plug holes fitted, accepting standard NGK plugs which is a big improvement, new plugs every season. Fuselage and wings recovered in ceconite. Then the project stalled, plane never flew in the USA.

1981- Bought by present owner and restored at  Lelystad, The Netherlands. First post-restoration flight in 1982. Registered as experimental- exhibition category, which has many advantages for maintenance. Main post-restoration inspection at the FAA branch in Frankfurt. Obtaining a British Export CofA, first step for a normal FAA CofA proved to be very cumbersome and efforts disbanded. This is because the tiger has never been officially registered in the UK during WWII.

The Tiger then flew extensively over many countries in Europe, mostly hopping in France but also the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Denmark. Veteran of many meetings such as Woburn, Stauning and Schaffen-Diest. She gave stirling service, no hiccups whatever apart from the usual maintenance . Always flown on Mogas, since 100 LL is not allowed in this Standard Gipsy Major 1 F. Mogas never gave any problems, cuts down the hourly cost considerably and is always available. Flown by owner only, no aerobatics. Last years very few hours, due to owner living abroad.


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